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BioThema has a unique technical expertise in the firefly luciferase reaction and ATP technology.
Hygiene control
Hygiene control is one of the most commonly used applications of ATP technology. The BioThema kits for hygiene control are a rapid and reliable method for verifying the effectiveness of cleaning and decontamination procedures. Residues from food, cells and blood contain large amounts of ATP. It is possible to detect both bacterial and mammalian cells in food residues, and in hospital environments and clean rooms. After cleaning all sources of ATP should be significantly reduced.
The BioThema hygiene control kits can be used for all surfaces where cleanliness is important, such as hospitals and in the food and beverage industry. They are also used for monitoring the internal channels of endoscopes and cannulated instruments, and for hand hygiene. In addition they are an invaluable aid for training in the work place and to complement established hygiene protocols.