M+W Central Europe GmbH - A company of the M+W Group

Postadress:Rollnerstrasse 97
Stad:Nuremberg, Germany
Telefon:+49 911 3087-1600
Fax:+49 911 3087-1612
Veit Haustein
Telefon:+49 911 3087-1124

M+W Central Europe is a leading global engineering and construction partner for technology-based clients
in the segments

  • Electronics
  • Battery Cells
  • Life Sciences
  • Science & Research
  • Automotive
  • Space 
    Cleanroom Products
    - Filter Fan Unit Systems
    - Cleanroom Ceiling Grid Systems
    - Wall Systems
    - Cleanroom Raised Floor Systems
    - Lock Systems
    - Cleanroom Cabins
    - Control Systems
    - AMC Filters

The know-how of our more than 7,000 highly skilled and experienced employees at M+W Group allows us to manage your projects with optimal time, cost and energy efficiency, and always according to rigorous environmental, health and safety standards.

Our competence to link process technologies with facilities enables us to provide technically challenging solutions, from selective support of highly innovative start-ups to large-scale turnkey projects.

With our representative Filtac AB, M+W Central Europe maintains a successful business relationship for many years in Sweden.