Bakteriestammar ATCC, NCTC och NCIMB

Lyophilized microorganisms for quality control

Our Supplier MicroBioLogics® is a leading producer of lyophilized microorganisms for quality control in microbiology laboratories world-wide. Specializing in clinical, industrial, food quality, environmental and educational markets, there are over 2000 items in the product line with more than 500 different lyophilized microorganism strains. 

You have several options to find the right product. Either can you do a search from an application to the right or you can view the different product group in the left menu.

You can also retrieve and printing laboratory quality control information. This site enables you as a user to graphically view MicroBioLogics’® products, read and print the technical documents, gather related information and, most importantly search in our webshop containing over 2000 products from MicroBioLogics®.