Agarplattor och flytande medier

Prepared Culture Media for Industrial Microbiology

We offer a wide variety of prepared culture media products, from our supplier Biotrading and Becton Dickinson, that´s include more than 1000 formulations of plated, tubed, bottle and bagged media.

Our product line includes irradiated and non irradiated air and surface sampling plated media, Sterility testing media and identifications media to help you control the environment and identify organisms.

Together with our supplier we can meet your specific needs if you demand a custom made product.

The products are manufactured according to The United States Pharmacopeia and European Pharmacopeia which includes sterility, physical and growth promotion test, using 10 - 100 challenge dose of organisms. The products are routinely tested for sterility, performance, physical properties, pack integrity and accuracy of documentation.
QC-sheets for every batch are available.
We offer following products;

  • 9 cm plated media
  • 14 cm plated media
  • 5,5 cm plated media
  • Contact plate
  • Bottled media
  • Tube meda
  • Bagged media