Microbial Air Samplers for Environmental Monitoring
Performing environmental monitoring is an important part of your environmental program and Miclev AB is now partnering with the world’s leading viable air sampler manufacturers to bring you improvements in the quality of your environmental monitoring program. 

- SAS Super Air Samplers: An established international standard in portable air sampling, the SAS Airsamplers from International Pbi combines high precision sample collection along with ease-of-use. The SAS Super ISO 100/180 is broadly referenced as a viable air sampling standard method throughout the world, including the USP 24 Chapter <1116> (SAS super 100/180).

- The SMA Microbial Air Sampler Systems are designed to test air within the clean room setting for discerning the level of viable contamination that is present in a volume of air. As one of the premier sampling methods in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries for over 11 years, the SMA Micro Sampler Systems offer a complete range of products to meet all requirements for quantitative microbial air testing. The SMA Systems include the SMA Atrium, SMA Remote Sampler, SMA Compressed Air Sampler, SMA CC Control Centers, SMA ISO-CC Control Centers and the SMA MicroPortable.