MicronSwep via Berendsen

Cleanroom Cleaning System

Is your cleanroom cleaning creating a source of contamination?
Inconsistent cleaning, biofilm build up and unnecessary turbulence of particles created by the cleaning regime can be minimised by using the MicronSwep™
For the MicronSwep™ one step cleaning concept we thought about all the details that are important in a cleanroom
Compliance and Contamination Control
Health, Safety and environment
Cost-effective solution
.MicronSwep™ from Berendsen is a complete, reusable time-saving, ergonomic cleaning system designed to minimise traffic and chemicals in cleanrooms that operate in ISO 5. A fully validated cleaning concept.
  • The special Microfibre mops and wipes are pre-moistured by the operator in a
  • systematic way before entering the cleanroom to avoid water being brought in.
  • Ergonomic lightweight mopping system ensures ease of consistent cleaning, even on walls and ceilings.
  • No need to go over the floors twice, since the concept is designed to clean and dry the floor in one step. Contamination is virtually eradicated and of course cost savings are achieved.
All materials and hardware used in the MicronSwep™ concept can be sterilised.
In a service set-up with Berendsen we provide an automated and consistent laundry process including sterilisation. We collect, clean and deliver the sanitised mops and wipes to suit your needs in a systematic set-up, plus provide full documentation
Embedded RFID chips give you full traceability, overview and control of the number of mops and wipes in circulation, and also if cleanroom operators use the correct number during cleaning.