EvoControl is based on Evolon® – a patented fully inline production process.
   EvoControl ® is the next generation microfibre cloth manufactured from endless microfibres measuring 0.15 dtex (10 times finer than standard Polyester microfibres). The unique fabric combines very good textile and mechanical properties. EvoControl - microfibre saves up to 66% on cleanroom wiping.

Remove contaminants in one wipe
Wipe the surface to remove liquid/spillage, leaving the surface clean and free of residual contamination.
   This is critical for wiping spills and removing particles from a surface and with EvoControl wipes you do it in one single movement – even on stubborn spots. The EvoControl efficiency has been tested by an independent institute proving a 99.999% bacterial removal from surfaces, without the use of disinfectants.
   The key is the unique and patented Evolon microfibre material. To you it means you save time, money and ergonomic stress.

Distribute disinfection
The balance between liquid absorbency and release to the surface is ideal for applying a film of liquid to a surface in cleanroom areas.
   EvoControl wipes have been developed and designed to hold the right amount of liquid, distributing it readily and evenly onto the surface, thereby reaching the desired and critical contact times.

Evolon microfibre
High contact area of the wipe on the surface, for superior cleaning results.
Picking up liquid without leaving residues on the surface.
Low particle release.

10 times finer than standard knitted PES cleanroom wipes
Microfibres reach even into microscopic surface pores and thus help remove contamination thouroughly.
– Maximise particle pick-up.
– Maximise bacterial removal.

Laser cut sealed edge
All cut fibres ends are melted together for a perfect clean edge to avoid particle release.

Usage area

  • Designed for contamination removal.
  • Pre-laundered, laser cut and designed for the removal of acids and chemical spills.