QleanSpace™ – instant clean environment


QleanSpace™ is designed to atmospherically control the environmental qualities using advanced technologies to filter out dust, bacteria, aerosol particles and chemical vapors. Through constant monitoring, QleanSpace™ provide an efficient and effective means of creating a clean environment.

QleanSpace™ can be delivered, installed, calibrated and validated within a day (down to ISO Class 5) and is designed for maximum flexibility.
Intelligent design incorporates two individual filter systems that communicate with each other. By working in tandem, they offer a level of fail-safe functionality that ensures the cleanroom environment is always operating at its highest possible capacity.
Intelligent technologies constantly monitor the level of airborne particles, the air pressure, temperature and humidity. Warning signals are issued at pre set levels when approaching the cleanroom rating limits.
QleanSpace™ was launched and presented at the Swedish Medtech annual meeting in Stockholm, April 24, 2013.