Dr. Ulrich Eikmanns

Dr. Ulrich Eikmanns
PharmaMedia Dr. Müller GmbH, Leimen, Germany

PhD in Microbiology in 1991; Post-Doc Studies in
Biochemistry at UofT, Toronto, Canada. Active
in various functions in the pharmaceutical and
diagnostic industry, i.a. at Novex GmbH and
Girindus AG. At heipha GmbH (12 years) in
charge of the product management; since
September 2013 managing director at PMM.





Neutralization of Residues of Disinfectants in Clean Rooms and Isolators

In pharmaceutical industry it is normal to rotate the disinfectants used in critical areas. This rotation helps to kill a maximum spectrum of potential contaminations. Quite often at least one of the disinfectants used contains a Quaternary Ammonium Compound (QAC) as active component. QACs as well as Biguanides are not volatile and therefore residues will remain on surfaces after disinfection. Even after a rinsing step it cannot be excluded, that residues will remain in lower concentrations on the sanitized surfaces. When subsequently performing contact tests with the commonly used TSA+LTHT contact plate, even such low concentration of residues can result in false-negative results, as the residues are picked up by the contact plate together with a potential contamination. Based on the widely used TSA+LTHT contact plate a medium was developed, which is able to inactivate QAC as well as Biguanides even in high concentrations.



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